Key to Invincible Security

Building Trust through Innovation
At Thetis, security isn't enhanced, it's redefined. "Key to Invincible Security" - that's our promise.

Your Trusted Partner in Authentication Technologies

We understand the importance of staying secure in today’s digital era. With a commitment to the highest standards of security.

Our Journey: Pioneering Security with Precision


The Inception

Born in Silicon Valley, Thetis was founded with the vision to create invincible security solutions, harnessing cutting-edge technology to protect digital identities.


Breakthrough Innovation

Our launch of the first FIDO-certified security key revolutionized authentication practices, offering unmatched security with a seamless user experience.


Recognition and Certification

Thetis was listed on Microsoft as security token to support Azure AD / Entra ID, solidifying our reputation as leaders in secure authentication.


Global Reach

Expanding our horizon, we successfully launched operations across major global markets including Hong Kong, India, the UK, and Germany, bringing our advanced security solutions to the world.

Our Achievements in Numbers

Overview of our accomplishments across various domains.

Thetis Keys Delivered

Equipping over 500,000 users globally, we promote safer digital environments with our advanced security keys.

Accounts Secured

Our keys protect over 1 million user accounts, demonstrating a firm commitment to digital safety.


ExcellenceReflecting over 3,500 days of continuous innovation and dedication to advancing cybersecurity technologies.

Our Core Values

Why Choose Thetis?
Advanced Security - Utilize the latest FIDO U2F and FIDO2 protocols.
User-Friendly Guides - Easy-to-follow instructions for seamless integration.
Expert Support - Our US-based support team is ready to assist you.