Setup for GitHub

1. Enable two-factor authentication:

After login in to the GitHub account. Click the drop down menu at the most right of the top. At the settings page, it is easy to see the security option at the left of the page. In the security section, the status of two-factor authentication showed and it can be enabled step by step as follows:
Using message to get the verification code
Using an app to get the verification code.
2. Register your security key
Scroll down to the "Security keys" section and click the "register new device". After naming your device and click the "add" button, you can insert your security key to USB port and tap the button. 
3. Enjoy your key protected GitHub.
When you login to your account from a new computer or a browser, GitHub will ask you to insert your security key to verify your identification. 
Also, if you sign out your GitHub account from your browser, you will be asked to insert security key as well when you login again.
You can get more information about two-factor authentication by click here.
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