Setup for Duo

1. Login to administrator's account

Login to your DUO administrator's account first.



Click "Users" to go to user list and manage your  users.


If you want to let a new user enroll, just click "Add User". Otherwise, click the existing user to go to the user page.

In the user page, fill the email address and send user an enroll email or resend the existing user an enroll email. 


Now you can ask your user to enable the 2-Step Verification and register the Thetis security key.

2. Register your security key

The user should get an email like this: 

 Click the link and go to the registration page.


Click the "Start setup" button, choose U2F token.


 Insert you Thetis key to usb port

 Press the key's button and finish the registration.

And here to get help about the register the security key.


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