Setup for Dashlane

**** You have to be a premium member of Dashlane so that you can use the U2F security key.

1. Enable 2-step Verification

Download the Dashlane app and install it.

Login to your dashlane account first. The main page shows below:


 Click the "Tools" tab and find the "Preference" option.

In the "Preferences", go to "security":



In the "Security" tab, click the "Two-Factor Authentication".


Now you need to unlock settings to turn on the "Two Factor Authentication"


Follow the prompt step by step to turn on Two-Factor Authentication.


*** The authenticator app is an app can get one time password for your online account. You can go to Google Play or App Store to download it. (Android, iOS)

Scanned the bar code, you will get a 6-digit one time passcode on your phone and type it in.

Input your phone number as a backup.

Save these code as txt file. 


2. Register your security key

Click "Add", you can name your key.


 When it shows "Finding security key", Please tap the button on your Thetis key.

 Now, the Thetis key has been added.

Let's try it.

Logout your Dashlane account.

Then login again.


Type in your password.

Tap the button on your Thetis key




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